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House Plants for Mind and Body

House plants not only add beauty and comfort to our homes, but they offer various benefits for our mind, body and energy.

There is no doubt that indoor plants offer beauty and comfort to our indoor living spaces, but aside from their aesthetics, plants offer strong health benefits as well. Various studies have proven that keeping indoor plants in your home and work space lends to a happier and healthier life, both psychologically and physically.

There are many benefits that these lush flowers and foliage can offer, but lets review five:

  1. Improves your mood

  2. Lowers stress and anxiety

  3. Eases dry skin and respiratory ailments caused by dry air

  4. Improves focus and performance

  5. Reduces fatigue

Improves your mood

The physical aspect of taking care of house plans reminds us of our connection to nature. Studios have shown that the act of being outside in the open air and surrounded by nature's goodness helps to stimulate positivity and clarity. By caring for house plants, through the act of working with the soil, touching and smelling the plant, our minds reconnect with memories of being outdoors and in nature and, therefore, offers a relaxing and positively satisfying effect.

Lowers stress and anxiety

Not only do plants promote healthier air quality, which helps to alleviate stresses and anxieties, but studies have also found that bacterium in plant soil triggers the release of serotonin, resulting in a lift in mood and reduction in anxiety. It is believed that interacting with plants, be it indoors or outdoors, can alleviate symptoms of depression.

Eases dry skin and raspatory ailments cause by dry air

Studies have shown that indoor plants absorb toxic substances found in man-made materials. Through absorbing carbon dioxide and releasing oxygen during photosynthesis, plants are able to increase oxygen levels and improve air quality. Additionally, plants release vapor into the air which assists in increasing humidity and resulting in improved respiratory and skin health.

Improves focus and performance

As we all know, stepping out for a "breath of fresh air" helps clear our minds and rejuvenates our brain power. Plants have been found to offer that same stimulating effect. Weather through its invigorating colors, energizing aromas or oxygen generating abilities, plants help to clear the mind and boost cognitive thinking skills.

Reduces fatigue

As previously discussed, indoor plants are absorbing toxins and releasing oxygen. Increasing oxygen levels throughout our day can help build energy and reduce fatigue. Additionally, the natural beauty and light of a plant in the home helps to light up your space and combat the dreaded fatigue.

So, there you have it, plants are more than just décor; they play a vital role in our daily lives and can offer positive affects on our physical and mental state. If you have yet to introduce an indoor plant into your apartment home, we welcome you to give it a try and see the affects yourself.

The information presented throughout this blog are solely for general information and we do not warrant accuracy, completeness or usefulness of this information. This blog includes content and studies provided by third parties.


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