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Entrust Property Solutions is more than just a Property Management Company, we are the solution. The solution to your housing needs. The solution to your management needs.


Founded in 2016, Entrust Property Solutions was devised by a group of industry professionals with a true passion for innovation and curation. Believing that the wheel didn't need to be reinvented, but simply reimagined, the company was born with a vision of introducing a more economical, efficient and humanizing style of property management. Through commitment, hard work and passion, Entrust Property Solutions has grown to include nearly 3000 units ranging geographically from Southern Missouri to Montana's Flathead Valley.


Our commitment to building and maintaining strong relationships with our residents, employees, ownership groups, vendors and partners drives our business each day. Our life's work is helping people feel at home, over and over again.  Our name is a reflection of our services - caring and protecting what you value most. You can trust in Entrust.


Entrust Property Solutions is committed to providing exceptional service and personalized experiences to our residents.  We understand that the word "home" holds a special meaning - a meaning of comfort, stability, and lifestyle - and one lifestyle does not fit all. Entrust Property Solutions is proud to manage nearly 3000 apartment homes spanning across new construction, renovated communities, urban and suburban locations, efficient communities, amenity-rich communities and tax credit affordable housing properties.  Our diverse portfolio and commitment to the resident experience is the reason why residents choose to live with Entrust.



Entrust Property Solutions is more than just property management - we are a full service management partner. We seek to create partnerships and provide leadership that drives success at our properties. We create value and profitability through strategic redevelopment of properties, managing commercial retail, multi-use and storage space, and partnering on development and completion of new construction lease up. This proven success has earned us long-term partners who choose to trust their assets with Entrust. If you would like to learn more about how Entrust Property Solutions can grow your assets, contact us today.

Consultant at work

Resident Screening 

Process applications and complete background checks to improve resident retention, increase collections and overall lease fulfillment


Accounting Services

Use of professional software to provide customized and timely budgeting, financial record keeping, expense management and bill pay

Professionally Trained Staff

Professional staff management, professional HR services, Fair Housing training and continued industry training to maximize customer experience

Flooring Wooden Floor

Maintenance/Vendor Relations

Professional maintenance team offering 24/7 emergency maintenance, preventative maintenance plans, general renovations and capital improvements to minimize overall maintenance related costs.

Job Interview

Our Core Values

Level Up

We are bold experts, intentional in our growth and willing to challenge the status quo. We execute our work with the highest quality and overcome obstacles with integrity.


Embrace Perspective

We are genuine in our willingness to be open minded and acknowledge that communication starts with listening. We seek diverse opinions and experiences.  When welcomed with humility, our differences lead to better understanding, smarter decisions and opportunity for innovation.


Cultivate Zest

Simply put, we find joy in each day. We focus on positivity and gratitude, savoring the good times. We strive for happiness and satisfaction, taking time to laugh and celebrate our successes.


Be Authentic

We show up each day fearlessly genuine and sincere.  Don’t talk about it, be about it.  Transparency and honesty drive our thoughts, decisions and actions.  We remain true to our values and remain committed to our brand and culture.


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