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Choosing Off Campus Housing You Won't Regret

As a college student, you are faced with new challenges and decisions each and every day - one such including where to call home during this pivotal time of your life as you enter adulthood.

As a college student, you have the luxury of enjoying an

unprecedented level of independence and freedom. Along the way, however, you will encounter difficult decisions that you will have to make - one of which being the decisions of where you choose to call home. There are many options to choose from when it comes to housing - student by-the-bed housing versus traditional apartment, roommate or no-roommate, etc. There are several factors that you should consider when choosing where you want to live and experience your college days; here are a few.

By the Bed Versus Traditional Apartment

Let’s first address what “By the Bed Housing” is. When you rent by-the-bed, this means that you are renting an individual room in an apartment and sharing the common space. For example, if you lease a bedroom in a 4-bedroom apartment ,you will have your private bedroom (and oftentimes bathroom) but will share the living room, kitchen and balcony space with the other suite-mates.

There are pros and cons to this type of living. The biggest pro is that each person is responsible for their own lease and their own rent, even if a suite-mate moves out. The con to this type of living, however, is that you oftentimes are being paired and sharing common living spaces with roommates that you do not know.

Traditional apartment leasing is when you are renting the entirety of the apartment and are responsible for the entire lease. When choosing to live with friends, all roommates are under one lease agreement and the rent is split amongst the roommates. The pro to this type of living is the freedom to select who you are sharing your space with - or maybe you just choose to have the apartment all to yourself. The con would be that if a roommate chooses to leave, the entire rent would still be owed.

Entrust Property Solutions specializes in traditional housing. If you are looking for the perfect apartment to share with your friends, check out Bear Gardens Apartments or Apple Court Apartments. For those looking for more independence and privacy, Greenway Studios and Boomer Town Studios is the ideal place to call home - all to yourself.

Location, Location, Location

One of the reasons for choosing off-campus housing is to expand the college experience beyond campus, while still residing in close enough proximity for a convenient and cost effective commute to school. Having the ability to walk or bike to school helps avoid the cost of campus parking passes. Not to mention, living quarters close to campus allow for easy idle time between classes.

In addition to the location of your apartment to campus, you also want to consider your surroundings in regards to restaurants, shopping and entertainment. Conveniently, Missouri State is located in the heart of Springfield and walking distance from downtown Springfield, which includes restaurants, bars, fitness, entertainment venues and shopping boutiques.

If you are looking for the perfect off-campus housing that puts you walking distance from both campus and all that downtown Springfield has to offer, we suggest checking out Boomer Town Studios, eStreet Apartments, Walnut Shade, or Walnut Place Apartments.

Pet Friendly

The time has come and you are getting your very own apartment, which means that you can either reunite with the pet you left behind with mom and dad, or you may be ready to take the next big step and get a pet of your own. For this reason, it is important to look into the pet policy at the apartment homes you are researching. Make sure that not only the community allows pets, but that the space is conducive and welcoming for your furry friend. Entrust Property Solutions is proud to welcome pets at all of their locations - check out Greenway

Studios, Boomer Town Studios or any property managed by Entrust Property Solutions.

As you can see, there are many things to consider when deciding where to experience your college days in terms of housing - and we have only scratched the surface. Our recommendation, take your time to consider what you truly want in an apartment, make a list, and prioritize. Entrust Property Solutions is proud to have a versatile portfolio of apartments for you to call home. Entrust Property Solutions

offers both furnished and unfurnished apartment homes and floor plans ranging from studio apartments to 3-bedroom apartments. We invite you to view all of our apartment communities at

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