I am happy and excited to be working with the staff of ENTUST. Their property management experience is evident and their customer service is second to none. I look forward to bringing them more of my personal real estate investment assets to manage. I recommend Entrust to anyone looking for a fresh approach to property management. ~ Titus Williams, Vice President, Missouri Valley REIT, Inc.

I have worked with team members of ENTRUST Property Solutions for over a year in a professional capacity and have nothing but good things to say about the services provided. ENTRUST has worked with my partners and I on both-single family and multi-family properties. Entrust has managed our portfolio with a high level of efficiency and I would recommend them to anyone interested in a comprehensive property solution. ~Andrew Doolittle, Greater Ozarks Real Estate Holdings

ENTRUST recently transitioned management services for a Sterling multifamily property. The ENTRUST team provide a comprehensive property management plan and completed the transition seamlessly!  ~ Robert Rush, Asset Manager, Sterling REIT

We recently moved to Springfield, MO and were happy to find the Silver Springs Apartments. They are not only close to school, but they are conveniently located to just about anywhere in town with just a few minutes’ travel time. From the beginning the management team has been helpful with our relocation. They are very polite and eager to help in any way they can with any issues that have arisen. Everything that I have pointed out that needed attention was quickly and adequately handled. The apartment is very nice size for the money and was very nicely remodeled before we moved in. It has new appliances and very nice flooring and more closet space than I had in my previous 3-bedroom home. The neighborhood has seemed to be quiet and the level of security is comforting and reassuring. I would recommend this property to anyone, from college students to a small family. The green spaces provide a great place for those with animals like myself to be able to run and play. I have had no issues with noise of any kind and would invite anyone who is in search of a nice affordable apartment to consider the Silver Springs Apartments. ~ Donald H. 

When I moved into Greenway Studios, I was quite impressed. The studio was clean and set up exactly as I hoped. It made moving in a lot easier, and I immediately felt at home. As the months have gone by I, have enjoyed living in my studio apartment. The management has been excellent. Whenever I have come to ask a question, the manager has been able to answer and when she has not she is quick to find out and get back to me promptly with the answer. This is also true of maintenance issues.  If there is a problem the manager is very efficient in having someone come as quickly as they can to correct the maintenance issue. Most of all the staff is always delightful when I come into the office which makes it inviting. One question that comes to mind when writing this review. Would I recommend Greenway Studios to someone looking for a furnished or unfurnished studio apartment? The answer is yes. In fact, the other day someone asked me the name of where I was renting because she had a friend who was looking for something just like this.  I gladly responded Greenway Studio Apartments.  ~ Cass L.

“We are in the people business, not the property business” 
-Brent T. Brown, CEO